0x80300001 error? Reinsert your Windows install media.

TLDR; When you get the error “Windows cannot be installed on this drive. Error code: 0x80300001”, just re-insert your install media (DVD, USB Drive).

I was installing on an HP Proliant DL380 Gen5 with a HP P400 SmartArray card. I had removed the USB drive that had the windows 10 installer on it, and plugged a USB Drive with the array drivers into the same port.

So, after browsing for my array storage controller drivers, setting up the partitions, I attempted to move to the next step in the Windows 10 installer.

I received the error: “Windows cannot be installed on this drive. Error code: 0x80300001.” Bummer. I had made it this far- the installer could see my drive, but I wasn’t allowed to continue!

This post helped me realize that I all I needed to do was just remove the USB drive with the drivers in it, and re-insert the USB Drive that had the Windows 10 installer on it.

After that, I was able to successfully continue with the OS install.

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